In 1995, the company “Pisinium” opened a
production plant in the heart of Istria, in Pazin, with a product range that put special emphasis on semi-durable products and their placement in the local area.

To produce autochthonous Istrian meat specialties, in order to preserve the taste and aromas of the products from times when they were cured and dried in Istrian taverns, giving everyone who tasted them the opportunity to experience tradition and the past.

To invest knowledge and experience and to use modern technologies and science in the production of health-safe and high-quality meat products – from autochthonous products to products produced the Istrian way.



The product range includes five autochthonous Istrian
products: Istrian prosciutto, pancetta, dried pork loin, coppa and sausages, five products produced in the Istrian way:“Ruža” prosciutto, dry-cured ham, Istrian salami, Istrian sausage with truffles and prosciutto spread with truffles. We also offer fresh sausages with the flavours of cranberry, truffle, onion, salt and pepper, spinach and chili and several types of burgers.

What does the Istrian tradition of producing meat delicacies mean?

They are produced from top quality, carefully selected meat cuts.

They are made by hand, by dry brining with natural spices: sea salt, fresh garlic, black pepper, bay leaf and rosemary.

They are dried in the air, naturally.

During the ripening process, noble mould covers the products, which gives them their characteristic aroma.čan miris.



Istrian prosciutto is made from specially selected cuts of meat, obtained from pigs fed with local food such as boiled potatoes, pumpkin, turnips and clover. The elegant, elongated shape of Istrian prosciutto comes from the specific way the leg is processed, and all the fat and skin are removed, and the pelvic
bone is left in. Sea salt, black pepper, fresh garlic, bay leaf and rosemary are rubbed into the fresh meat by hand. Istrian prosciutto is a product without artificial preservatives, air-dried for at least 12 months. It is a delicate product which combines the rich flavour of red meat and sweetness of the fat. During drying, the entire thigh is covered with noble mould, which gives it a characteristic taste and aroma. The entire process of prosciutto production is strictly controlled by an authorized institution, in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification, which was created based on a long tradition, known to Istrians since the 16 th century.